Carlack PRIME CLEANER 500ml

Carlack PRIME CLEANER 500ml

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All purpose cleaner concentrate

Carlack PRIME CLEANER 500ml

Carlack Prime Cleaner is formulated for fast & effective cleaning of all interior plastic, rubber, vinyl surfaces. Fresh smelling formula quickly lifts away stubborn stains & grease: oil, silicone, nicotine etc.

This low foaming cleaner which offers a blend of surface-active ingredients and deodorising agents which "deep clean" your upholstery with the minimum of effort.


Dilute with water depending on grade of soiling. Spray onto soiled surface and allow to work. In case of heavy soiling rub down with a sponge or cloth. Remove loose soiling with a cloth or exact particles using an extraction machine.


This material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Safety data sheet available for professional user on request. Keep out of the reach of children.