CAR WAX 68 200ml

CAR WAX 68 200ml

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Carlack Car Wax 68 is the newest wax creation of our Swiss manufacturing department – the ultimate combination of synthetic components and 100% finest natural carnauba wax

CAR WAX 68 200ML

Carlack Car Wax 68 made in Switzerland with 100% finest natural carnauba wax is the newest creation of our manufacturing department and combines over 50 years of experience in luxury sealant technology with the best that nature has to offer your vehicle. Carlack Car Wax 68 creates a smooth and gloss surface structure which repels water and dirt. Fine scratches in the paintwork become invisible; the natural colours take on a brilliant intensity. The simplest application enables you to achieve the perfect show car finish with an impressive deep shine.


  1. Wash the vehicle thoroughly as usual.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Carlack Car Wax 68 onto the paintwork using a clean soft cloth and polish it out. Done!


Causes serious eye irritation. Keep it tightly closed.