Perfect aircraft care:
Aerolack All In One

A complete care system for virtually all aircraft surfaces. The cleaning components break down fat, oil, tar and oxidation and remove slight yellowing.

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Insects away – shine restored:
Aerolack Insect Remove

A formulation specifically tailored to organic substances also outstanding in the removal of bird excretions. Even highly adhesive insect remains are gently removed.

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High shine for aircraft:
Aerolack Finishing Polish

This product brings a perfect high-shine finish to paintwork, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium and all smooth synthetic surfaces. Simple application, perfect shine – even in rain.

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Exclusively manufactured in Switzerland –
50 years of production experience.




DThe extreme conditions of aviation leave behind their traces on the outer shell of the aircraft. Aggressive UV-B radiation and resistance to wind and weather lead to a reduced paintwork lifespan.

Aerolack counteracts the ageing process by sealing the surface and creating effective protection against the strong solar radiation with its UV-blocker technology.

Our sealing products are also simple to use and time-efficient. Your aircraft looks immaculate for many years and is optimally protected against harmful environmental influences.

Our complementary cutting compound and finishing polish also help you to have a real gem back in the hangar.

Aerolack is brand new for 2012. The design and product range has been updated and in doing so Aerolack remains true to the company motto: simple to use and highly efficient – the result of 50 years of continuous further development in our product laboratory.

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