Perfect show car finish:
Excellence Complete

The ultimate combination of highly effective paintwork cleaner and a sealant based on synthetic polymers and 100% finest natural carnauba wax.

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High-shine wheels:
Excellence Wheel&Rim

Acid-free cleaning and high viscosity: this exclusive formulation enables you to achieve the best results with stubborn dirt and to protect your wheels.

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Exclusively manufactured in Switzerland –
50 years of production experience.




Since the end of the 1950s, the Carlack team have been pioneering in working to develop car care products. Always working with the aim of maintaining cars simply and in the best possible way. We meet the high demands of our customers by working with premium and ultra-pure ingredients. Complex production processes and continuous quality assurance ensure that every litre of Carlack meets the high expectations of a premium product.

The new Carlack Excellence series is tailored to the requirements of passionate car care enthusiasts who want more than protection and long-lasting preservation.

Drivers of high-quality cars or collectors who spend a lot of time making sure their precious cars constantly gleam, can now rejoice. Because with the Excellence series, we prove once again how easy it can be to achieve perfection.

Carlack Excellence Complete Carnauba is the ultimate combination of synthetic components and 100% finest natural carnauba wax. The simplest application enables you to achieve the perfect show car finish with an impressive deep shine.

Carlack Excellence Complete Carnauba is the newest creation of our manufacturing department and combines 50 years of experience in sealant technology with the best that nature has to offer your vehicle.

Carlack Excellence Wheel & Rim Gel leaves behind nothing other than radiance. Thanks to its pH-neutral formulation it has no negative effect on your valuable chrome-plated, polished, anodised or machine-polished wheels and wheel bolts. The acid-free gel completely removes dirt and ingrained braking dust. The high viscosity prevents the gel running off prematurely.

Car lovers and classic car enthusiasts swear by our products.

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