For all surfaces. Polylack Multiple Surface

This product combines a highly effective paintwork cleaner and a resistant sealant. In one process Polylack Multiple Surface cleans pore deep and removes paintwork oxidation.

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With sapphire-like hardness:
Polylack Cutting Compound

Using this cutting compound you can effortlessly treat old, weathered paintwork and GRP/gelcoats and remove minor scratches. Tarnished metal is shiny again in next to no time.

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Perfect shine: Polylack Finishing Polish

Using this finishing polish, a perfect shine is achieved in next to no time on paintwork, chrome, stainless steel and aluminium and on all smooth plastic surfaces.

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50 years of production experience.




Our care, sealing and cleaning products meet the highest requirements of the industry and ensure that your product achieves a gleaming appearance. Thanks to a simple and uncomplicated application, our technical Polylack products are designed for time- saving, universal use.

Using Polylack tech.care ski lifts, construction vehicles, metal facades, aluminium windows, stainless-steel structural elements and even railways are cleaned, maintained and sealed.

Polylack Cutting Compound is used on, for example, lift systems to condition and care for the Perspex hoods. This maintains the value of technical equipment, durably protects surfaces and increases safety.

Polylack tech.care can be used on the most diverse materials, such as Perspex, plastic, metal or paintwork and thereby opens the door to a broad range of applications.

Polylack is brand new for 2012. The design and product range has been updated and in doing so Polylack remains true to the company motto: simple to use and highly efficient – the result of 50 years of continuous further development in our product laboratory.

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