Professional care for your yacht:
Yachtlack Premium Surface

Using this product the surface structure is smoothed, water drips off and a self-cleaning effect is created the unique complete care for your boat.

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Effortlessly rapid shine:
Yachtlack Cutting Compound

Using this cutting compound, good results can be achieved on paintwork very quickly by hand. It is also well suited to mechanical processing.

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High shine for your boat:
Yachtlack Finishing Polish

A perfect high-shine finish for your yacht: No matter whether on paintwork, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium or smooth plastic surfaces. Simple application, perfect shine.

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50 years of production experience.




Well-known among boat enthusiasts: Yachtlack makes boat care a joy again.

The formulation of the traditional sealant has been optimised for use on gelcoats. Water resistance has been increased by this and UV resistance ensured with a high protection factor.

A micro-fine polymer film smooths the surface, which reduces dirt and chalk adhesion. Daily care is made easier and intensive cleaning products, which cause long-term damage to materials and the environment, can be dispensed with.

Our sealing products are also simple to use and time-efficient. Your boat looks immaculate for many years and is optimally protected against harmful environmental influences.

Our complementary cutting compound and finishing polish also help you to put a real gem back in the water.

Yachtlack is brand new for 2012. The design and product range has been updated and in doing so Yachtlack remains true to the company motto: simple to use and highly efficient – the result of 50 years of continuous further development in our product laboratory.

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