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Our pioneering spirit and intensive research with novel materials has already enabled us to revolutionise the world of paintwork care products more than once. Our manufacturing department combines traditional Swiss craftsmanship with the use of the most advanced technology. The finest raw materials in our certified manufacturing processes produce premium care products which offer the user a unique relationship between handling and performance. 50 years of experience in manufacturing premium products for surface protection goes into our product lines for the care and maintenance of automobiles, yachts, aircrafts and with new Polylack also everything else that needs to stay looking good. When developing our products we think outside the limits and integrate the expertise of high-tech industries from many sectors. Consequently, our Carlack polyethylene acrylic compound, which has won a technology award, contains special polymers from the innovative field of medical engineering. In this field of application these highly wear-resistant components perform their task for many years in artificial joints, stabilise implants as bone cement or, as resistant tablet coating, prevent the premature release of medicinal substances in gastric acid.

Using these intelligently applied technologies, our sealants whether for land, water or air always achieve optimal performance. Since the founding of our company in 1958 we have always followed just one goal: to make it as easy and effective as possible for everyone to professionally care for and maintain technical masterpieces.

This endeavour has been achieved and the quality of our products enjoys a reputation in all corners of the world. We are proud that our products today are internationally recognised and enjoy great demand.


Writing about automotive care is like dancing about architecture. Take a look at our product range, you can find an overview in our online shop.

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