The paintwork care classic:
Carlack Complete

This product combines a highly effective paintwork cleaner and a resistant sealant. State-of-the-art technology to make maintenance as easy as possible for you

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Car Wax 68

Carlack Car Wax 68 is the newest wax creation of our Swiss manufacturing department – the ultimate combination of synthetic components and 100% finest natural carnauba wax

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Carlack Maximum

From zero to hundred in three seconds: maximum scent developmement and maximum acceleration

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Carlack Odour Remover

Breathe easy fresh aroma of a new car

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Carlack Carissma

Davidoff luxury fragrances

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Carlack Exotic Fresh

Experience this fruity freshness!

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Carlack Leather Cream

Luxury Leather Care

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Carlack Leather Balsam

Exquisite leather and synthetic leather treatment

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Carlack Cut & Polish

Put an end to weathered and dull car paintwork

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Metal care 3 in 1

Chrome and Metal care – for the love of cars!

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Carlack Wheel & Rim

The new wheel cleaner generation from Carlack:
Gentle on wheels, tough on brake dust

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Carlack Insect Remove

Ideal if particularly stubborn insects need to be removed without any effort

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Carlack Shampoo

Concentrated and highly economical –perfect for frequent car washing

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Carlack Prime Cleaner

All purpose cleaner concentrate

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Carlack Plastic Renew

On all plastic parts:
grey haze away, colour brilliance restored!

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Carlack Long Life

What makes car paintwork last even longer?
A sealant with UV protection

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Perfect care-to-go:
Carlack Fast Detailer

Carlack Fast Detailer is a rapid cleaner with acrylic wax. Its anti-friction properties enable the removal of light contamination whilst protecting the paintwork

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Carlack Glass Clear

Clear view without any streaks:
the glass cleaner for stubborn dirt

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Carlack Glass Compound

For gentle removing scratches, dull and eroded spots from glass

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Wind blows away rain:
Carlack Glass Finish

The glass finish creates a homogeneous surface structure so that the drops of rain no longer combine to make a film that blurs your vision but are simply blown away by the airstream

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Carlack 68.
A real classic!
NEW: Carlack Excellence.
The ultimate car care series.
Exclusively manufactured in Switzerland –
50 years of production experience.




Since 1958 Carlack has been a pioneer in developing car care products, always working with the aim of maintaining cars simply and in the best possible way. In our laboratory we develop forward-looking technologies for preserving paintwork and the resulting products provide our customers with simple and time-saving application. Long-lasting shine, optimum preservation and protection from weather is the result of regular care using Carlack.

Our loyal customers many years of experience, their initial paintwork still looking new 20 years and one million kilometres later, is the striking proof of Carlack s outstanding performance.

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