Endurance and proven Swiss quality.


A paint sealant has to perform in the micrometre range, consisting of just a few molecules. Only by selecting ultra-fine raw materials and many decades of perfecting the processing does a product such as Carlack result.

Anywhere where materials of a high quality are demanded or where they have to achieve specific tasks by possessing special properties, our developers have taken a closer look. Consequently we work with polymers of particularly high density and optimum structure, which far exceed the wear-resistance of steel and as a result can also be used, for example in artificial hip joints. In a similar structure, our acrylates can also be found in medication coatings to delay the release of active ingredients in gastric acid.

Yet modern raw materials are a far cry from achieving a perfect paint preservative. The art is primarily in the fact that these materials are processed into stable emulsions using specific processing technology. After 50 years of experience we have perfected these processes. This know-how is clearly displayed by the ease of use of our products.

As a company of long-standing tradition we attach the greatest importance to manufacturing our products in to the highes premium quality, exclusively produced in Switzerland. Hallmarked by innovative and excellent Swiss quality at every stage of production from the raw materials through to final conversion and by absolute precision both in manufacture and end-use.

It is only because we are very particular about the details that we can guarantee that every one of our products lives up to its premium claim.


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