Terms of Max Lehner AG

1 General

The terms and conditions constitute the part of everyone between the Max Lehner AG and its customers concluded a contract for the purchase of their products.

2 Use

The products supplied by the Max Lehner AG are intended solely for final consumption in Switzerland. Exemptions are allowed only with a certificate issued by the Max Lehner AG written authorization.

3 Prices

Deliveries are charged at the agreed prices ( including VAT). Our prices are calculated ex works.
Freight costs, insurance and approvals shall be borne by the purchaser.

4 Delivery

Max Lehner AG determines the shipping method and the shipping method. If the buyer wishes other conditions, he takes over the goods from the factory.
Max Lehner AG assumes no liability for accident, force majeure and ordinary negligence.
In the case of supply difficulties, the Max Lehner AG has the right to make partial deliveries. The performance is Birmensdorf.

5 Loaned packing bundle or drums

Loaned packing bundle or drums are to be returned after emptying to Ottenbach or with the Planzer Transport AG immediately.

6 Payment

You have the option to choose between advance payment or payment by invoice.

7 Defective goods

Complaints about obvious defects will be considered only if they are collected within 8 days of receipt of goods at destination. Defective goods may be returned only with the permission of Max Lehner AG.
The Max Lehner AG reserves the right to substitute deliveries.
Waived the Max Lehner AG to replacement, the buyer only has the right to rescission. Reduction is not possible.

8 Jurisdiction and applicable law

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is Birmensdorf. Swiss law is applicable.